A Digital World

To most people, being able to get up at 6pm would be heaven, but tonight, it means I have a whole night to work away – and it’s only 10pm. In nine and a half hours I shall be free to go home but the temperature is dropping more every day. The nights are getting longer so much so it’s now dark when I start work, and dark when I finish. This was as I was waiting for the bus home this morning:

I’ve made my first DVD, complete with a DVD menu but now I am left with too much of a canvas and not enough ideas! It amazes me that within the last 10 years, we as humans, have started to take more digital photos, have welcomed the ability to burn CDs cheapily and easily – and now with DVD burners being so cheap, being a DIY director is in the grasp of millions!

Whilst I can take photos of what I see, I would much prefer to capture video – videos show so much more character than their still counterparts. Whilst you can take a photo of what you see without drawing particular attention to any one thing by just holding the camera and hoping for the best, it’s harder to get video that way. I want video but I don’t want to carry a video camera around looking like a tourist or something… not out and about. Maybe a crew, safety in numbers as they say!

Incidently, I got a few photos before the sun came up this morning. It’s a magical time to be outdoors, if you time it right, you can see the higher clouds change colour from orange through to yellow, and eventually white (or grey). Then, the lower clouds until the sky is [patchy] blue and white[/grey]. Unfortunately my camera is often blind to the many colours of the world, but from a defrosted portion of a bus window, I got a couple of interesting ones…

If you have any good advice on how to affix a video camera to a car on a tight budget, please email me! More to come later, I have work to do 🙁

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