My DIY low power light

The basic structure of my ‘mood light’, colour light, whatever light, is finished and now I just need to secure the electronics and decide what other features I might add.  It’s made using a wooden frame that is then covered in a heat shrink film using in RC aeroplanes.  The result is a glossy finish that is shrunk to fit and allows light to show through.

Some ideas of have for evolving the design:
– Various lighting modes (candle flicker, rainbow, random, etc)
– Microphone level / IR detection to change speed of the colour change
– BlueTooth compatibility so you can change the colour, etc remotely
– Time of day feature (changes colour and intensity depending on the time of the day
– Lucid dreaming mode – in the middle of the night, start pulsing the colours so I may realise the flashes in my sleep and start lucid dreaming..
– Something else (don’t know what yet!)

for now I’ll just upload find pictures…


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