Poppy: New family member

Yesterday, Poppy (Takeshi Mygirl Lollipop) found a new home. I’d already seen her once or twice before and we’d got along but she’s now go body house with new objects, new scents, new sounds and new sights. She’s slowly settling in and she’s had her spent night here.

i think she slept alright. She’s eaten some food and explored as a bundle of sticks were knocked over! This morning however, I am unable to find her despite my extensive searching, There were no doors or windows open so she couldn’t have got out.

We played and she explored a little last night. She’s still going to be missing my parents who were the previous owners. They’re moving to Scotland and she can’t easily go with them. We’ll be best of friends soon.

I’ll get some pictures shortly. For now Poppy?! Where are you?!

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